The Twilight Saga

I thought it would be fun to find out how deeply addicted some of us are give a few insights from either when you first started reading the books or now~

I'll start:

You know your addicted when:

When you just completed a chapter of Twilight, you go to get a glass of water and someone in your family asks you a question and all your really hearing is "blah, blah, blah" cause your mind is still in the book~

While reading Twilight you are thinking to yourself..I want an Edward,.. I want an Edward. (and you are happily married/two kids..ugh)~ lol

You get to the store as quickly as possible before your finished with one book to make sure there is no pause before you start the next one~

You just can't stop wanting MORE of this wonderful world of Twilight and join a remarkable group of over 30 yr olds who share the same feeling~ :)

I am sure there is much more.. (this is going to be a crack up!) what are some of your signs that you are addicted?

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How about when you start reading something other than the series and someone who knows about your addiction but doesn't understand it notices and comments on the "non" Twilight book and you sheepishly tell them that it's a book that Bella reads in Twilight.

My husband bought me the music box and a ticket to see New Moon when it came out. I don't think he'd be very understanding about posters in the closet though. I thought about plastering my walls though, on my side of the room, but I thought he might get the wrong impression if they were on the ceiling.
You know you are addicted when...... I got an email from Amazon telling me that you can get the comic con gift bag set (shirt-bag-and key chain) and I busted out the credit card faster than I could type! ($35.00 ish)
I know I am addicted when... At my job we have SSR (silent sustained reading) once a day and I changed the times so I could be at work when we do it so I can read on the job and get paid for it.
I know I am addicted when... my friends and I all took off Nov. 20th so we can go see the movie at midnight and go have coffee to talk about the movie afterward. Mychild will get to skip school that day she will be going with us!
My Name is Kristie Martin and I am addicted and proud of it!!
I was so into the books that at certain times I was so mad at my husband for not being more like Edward. I couldn't figure out why he couldn't love me like that.
you know your addicted when you need something Twilight about your person 24/7. Can't wait to get to the car so you can listen to the soundtrack to tide you over until you get home. Can;t stop chatting on fan site long enough to give your child your full attention.
While I (34yrs) was out Christmas shopping at with my husband, he scratched his ear. A little blood came to the surface, and I screamed at him as I tried to blot it away with a tissue. My sister (28 and another addict) asked me if it just smelled that good?. My (HONEST) reply was that I reacted that way because I didn't want Jasper to snap...
You know you're addicted when:

You beg your husband to pretend he's a vampire...
It can't be good when you actually try to be nice and lend out Twilight and end up anxiety ridden with panic attacks wondering when you're going to get it back... what a learning experience. Never again.


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