The Twilight Saga

I thought it would be fun to find out how deeply addicted some of us are give a few insights from either when you first started reading the books or now~

I'll start:

You know your addicted when:

When you just completed a chapter of Twilight, you go to get a glass of water and someone in your family asks you a question and all your really hearing is "blah, blah, blah" cause your mind is still in the book~

While reading Twilight you are thinking to yourself..I want an Edward,.. I want an Edward. (and you are happily married/two kids..ugh)~ lol

You get to the store as quickly as possible before your finished with one book to make sure there is no pause before you start the next one~

You just can't stop wanting MORE of this wonderful world of Twilight and join a remarkable group of over 30 yr olds who share the same feeling~ :)

I am sure there is much more.. (this is going to be a crack up!) what are some of your signs that you are addicted?

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I did that.. I loaned out my Twilight to a friend, but i finished Breaking Dawn before she finished Twilight so I had to go out and buy a new
I did the same thing. I loaned Twilight to a friend and I couldn't stand being without it so I went to buy another copy to feel comlpete. My friend still hasn't read the book. Can you believe that!
Made the mistake of loaning out New Moon to another friend.. She just finished that one.. Had to go out and buy a new one of that one too... Im going to be buying the boxed set for me and putting that away and nobody touches it but me.
You know what's worse is when she does read it and says she really can't get into it and she's third of the way through the book, and says she can't finish it because there's "too much teen anxst". I just wanted to rip my book out of her hands, slap her and never talk to her again! And we've been friends for 20 years! Now, I know there's somethin wrong with me! lol
my poor mum is on her knees begging to borrow them,i just can't let go though... may have to buy her her own set! :o)
I would feel betrayed too.
There's nothing wrong with YOU - there is something wrong with her!
Funny but true, true! I am usually careful to whom I lend my extra copies :-), they have to like love stories.
I don't know about waking up an Edward being the first thing you think about but I like to read some of my fave saga passages before I go to sleep so it's the last thing I think about.
I woke up at 2:30 a.m. the first time I read Twilight, the first thing in my mind was Edward, and so did one of the girls I work with a couple of weeks later when I had talked her into reading it. The funny thing was it was the same time, on the same morning! FREAKY!!!!!
Ungh! I'm glad its not just me! I can't seem to help myself, I keep reading the books over and over and I still cry in New Moon!

How bout these - when you've read all the books, AND Midnight Sun, AND bought and listened to ALL the books on CD, and pre-ordered the DVD even tho I've seen the movie 5 times and prob would have gone again this weekend if I hadn't been snowed in.

I've tried to figure out what is so appealing and compelling about the books that has me so obsessed. I am a voracious reader, but have never, EVER read a series so many times. I think it is partly how well written they are, that there is not a weak link in the saga, that Bella is so cherished by Edward....
I am the same way. I love to read but I have never felt so compelled to reread a series of books over and over again to the exclusion of all else. Stephenie is truly a gifted story teller.


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