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I have been hearing that Robert and Kristen have gotten engaged and are getting married very soon!
Do you believe tell me what you think!

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As much as i wish that was true, i don't think it is as official as everyone thinks it is. They are so amazing together though.
don't think so, but it would be great if they are.......
love them...........perfect couple
idk if their engaged but some of my friends tell me they r. but i wont believe until i see it duh. l0lz luv those picz of them there cute
i think that its a big rumor going around but it would be great if they did!!!!luv the pics!!!!
i don't think that. i dno't see y they can't just come out with wat is going on between them.
that's a HUGH lie!
I don't think that either. They are too young. I believe they are together but not engaged or even thinking about marriage. They are not Edward and Bella.
Nice pictures. I don't think they are engaged I think it has all escalated from Eclipse and him proposing to her as Edward to Bella not Rob to Kristen. If you get what I mean. Would be cool if they were they do look great together!
i saw it on a magazine-pic. of honeymoon. but u know how papa-ratzyies always r going around to disturb a famous actor/actress. so i don't believe they're engaged but r a good couple and good friends.
I dont think so but I am crossing my fingers that they will some day. They belong together.
I dont think there engaed just yet,Kristen is still vey young ,and I think Robert want's her to experience more, before she ties the not,but im hoping that one day they do have there own wedding =)heck if they have there own baby,ill be its # 1 fan, LOL


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