The Twilight Saga

look at this...


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Thats so wrong on soooooo many levels!!!
that's just a pencil sketch guys..! don't worry..
just posted it for fun!!
what the...
I cant take it... it HURTS you know!!!
That's wrong in so many ways ... LOL :D
Love it XD
You did it?!
its photoshoped.......the actual pic is that kristen is at the middle....check this out...
did you draw that? OMG you're amazing! it's so real .. congratulations for your talent

Its a bit .. creepy haha
LOL ! this is a real picture that someone photoshoped, this is not a painting.
In the original picture Kristen is between them,
so they both give her a kiss on the cheek (:
nice one!!! we've got more bigger problem if it end's here!!!
bella and alice, and jacob for edward....big prob!! LOL
groooosssssss!!!! that's redic!!!


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