The Twilight Saga

ei MUST see this..

leave your thought below..what do you think????

im so speechless..OME!!!

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i think this means SOMETHING... robs half naked...
haha..i know what ur thinking!!! but, don't get upset.. they say that it was just photoshoped! haha..funny though!
owwwwww... its so disappointing!!! i wish it's true!!!
Yeah! totally disapointed!
if only there's a chance...
It is photoshopped sorry to ruin the dream but it is a manip. Its been listed as one for the past year.
Is this photoshopped?!!!
yah,,it is...funny tho..
photoshop~ hahahaha~ ;p
its sadly photoshopped....tear tear
its obviously photoshoped...
Totally agree. You can tell with the way Rob's neck looks all stretched out. At least to me


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