The Twilight Saga

Rob and Kristen are the cutest couple on earth! Today I read an artical and Kristen was talking about the things she likes about Rob. Every so often it said giggles! That obviously means something is going on! Leave what you think below!

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I think they are amazing. The way that they look at each other is mesmerizing. You can feel their chemistry. No one can fake chemistry like that. I like that they keep things private but of course they can't hide it much longer. They are letting things come out little by little. So happy for them.
OMG! Their chemistry is amazing. I just just love how they look at each other. It's magical.
Yeah magical is perfect.
yeah it is.
I went on a search for this article and you are right. It was so cute how she spoke of him that he is her best friend. I love them they are beatiful together.
Love the couple,thy just seem to have a conection that people would die for,I hope they stay with one another for a long time and are happy,they desirve it,they had to fight and go threw lots of bull for it=)


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