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When I saw these photos last night for the for the first time, I was absolutely thrilled! Whether this means anything - strictly platonic or more of a "love" confirmation, I'm just excited to see some sort of affection/connection between the two of them. How cool would it be to see the love of Edward and Bella fall off of pages of Stephenie's books, only to show brightly on the silver screen and then appear in real life? We all want some form of this fairytale and I think that's why it's so intriguing to us (like Ryan and Rachel from The Notebook). We're dazzled by them! The feeding frenzy has officially begun!!!

For more photos, check this out!
i agree, and thanks for the website!
You're so welcome!
i think they are wonderful together!!! i love them! it would make me so happy if they just got back together and STAYED together.
i think its really cute!! :)

my friend.. (twilighter xxx) i guess u beat me up, again...hahhaaa
lol...yeah i literally google news these guys when i i find out rather fast!

You normally beat me on my other group tho "new moon news!" u always find the clips before i!!
it's so cute u guys
I definitely love it!!!! They're most perfect couple on the planet!! haha...
Is it a friendly gesture or they're really on? That's cute.
love it~! ^^ i think~ they're falling in love,,in location. wawhawhahw~
perfect couples. =D
I agree! but I think their already IN love with each other... I just can't help but sigh when i see a picture of them together....*sigh*


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