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I found the song on youtube


give the song a try its pretty good =)

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I really like it. It is beautifel.
Yeah this so awesome!This is the song they made after New Moon. This is was done, I think in London. When Rob and Kristen visited Rob's parents. I already heard this before from Rob's collection of his songs, this was included but it was erased. I hope  they come up with an album with all his songs including the ones in Twilight soundtrack and this. This is so cool!!! I really love them! :)

The first time I heard this Kristen was the one saying No in  the end. And here it is Rob. Maybe they change it or there are two version of it. Still cool though! Just a thought it was made to be two version of it it was like they were answering both of their question. IS THAT ALRIGHT WITH YOU? They both answered NO. No, because  they learn to finally love each other and admit that to themselves to stay together without hurting somebody or cheating someone so they can have each other. Hmmm :)
Bella Swan Klutz can I share this?
shure why not


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