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hey do u like all twilight boys? i do! except jacab- ugh

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yes, i do!
i hearts them all!

why dont you like jacob?
ok, sweetie, ur absolutely rite about everything, except 2 things....FIRST of all, edward is definitely MY husband, and second, emmett's better than jasper :D no offense, u like who u want n all, but edward is, was, and will always b My husband...besides, we alreaady had a kid and he turned me in to a vamp, so tough luck :D lol, jk jk...but not really :D
I absolutely love all the Cullen/Hale boys.


I don't like Jacob in Eclipse, but I do like him in Book 3 of Breaking Dawn.
i am obsessed with jasper! its not even funny!
i ♥ the cullens!
i love all of them and jakob mabe annoying but i think we all can look past that.
omg i love seth too he so cool leah is lucky she can spend all day with him. i would so have him imprint on me. lol
I love them Cullen boys
1:Edward (whatchya expect?)
2:Jasper(I love him!Alice wouldnt like that!)
3:Carisle!!(so kind!)
4:Emmett(hes Emmett!whats not to like?)

the wolves stink.mostly jacob.
i love jacob:(
i think all of them ar gorgous and jacob is so very annoying to me but other than that hes ok but i love every single one of the twilight guys
1) Emmet (He is so funny. What is there not to like about Em?? He is so huge and also very hot but no matter how big he is he will always look like a big cuddly teddy bear to me!!!)
2) Jasper (Quiet and mysterious and hot. Of course I would love the Jazzman!!! Hehe!!)

3) Edward (Protective, sweet, and caring! He is also very hot and funny! What's not to like about him?)

4) Carlisle (Well he makes a great father figure and hes also an amazing doctor. Hes caring and nice and sweet. Of course I would like him!)
well, well, well.. i super love the cullen the the werewolves packed..

1. edward ofcourse!
he is so handsome like the gods and goddesses ever alive on earth
sweet like a candy lollipop
super hot like hot pepper chili. haha
wat more i could say to him?!
and im irrevocably falling inlove w/ him with his golden eyes and sweet voice.

2. Jacob
he is the man!
actually, i dont like dogs.. they scares me!
but i love jacob bcoz his always there when bella needed him badly, so thumbs up for him.
and i like taylor's face. =)

3. Jasper
bcoz i like alice so whoever alice love, i should love them also.
and he is also hot and never leaves alice.

4. Carlisle
He is a great physician..
A good father and one thing
im not maing any malice w/ him.. his a good father! =)
Carlisle will be my father now. i am her adopted human.

Love you all... you all have good souls!
I <3 them all!!!! Even Jacob! How can u not? He's sooo hott and usually really nice except when he's mad because Bella loves Edward.


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