The Twilight Saga

waht do u perfer vampire or wearwolf ( aka shape shifters)
and why?

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vampire lol i can live 4ever!! lol plus vampires practically heal themselves 2! lol
depends on the vampire power... but i would chose the vamp... anyway because vamps are harder to kill and wolves.. shapeshifters..mmmmm way to easy.. GO TEAM VAMPIRES!!!!!
vampire power............and wearwolf too ^.^
Both are cool. But i prefer wearwolf beause i like wolves
i like some vampire powers and the werewolf thing but they both have ups and downs, e.g;
u might have no powers as a vampire or a really cool 1
being a werwolf the pack see you most darkest secrets. but a cool wolf!
im undecided!
i think that werewolves and vampires has the same power....dut would like to be a werewolve because i like wolves
i am a vampire persone
just cuz i think i would get a kool power
Vampire, cause Vamps live forever and it would be nice to never get cold, or ever sleep. I would love to be able to read all night long without sleeping. I WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE.

It would also be nice to be a wearwolf thought cause of the imprinting. that would be so easy and healing so fast. also being able to read minds would be awsome.... thought i'd never fight a wearwolf or vamp depending on which i was...
i'll take any vampire power thart comes my way Team Vamps all the way
Team Wolf, rocks!!!!!! ( just look at my pic)
vampire!!!!vampires totally rule, i wish they were real..i would luv to be one!!!!
vamps practically never die, well kinda, but wolves, they can die easier, if they dont defend themselves....but i like vamps more, and vamps totally rule
vamps r da bomb!!!
i heart u edawrd!!


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