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me and a friend of mine were arguing about who's hotter. Kellan or Robert
I want to know whos your favorite :D

i love kellan!

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Of course that Rob !!!! <3
Yah Rob is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy!!!!
i have to disagree xD
kellan is hotter<3
kellan is wayyyyyyyyyy hotttttttttttter!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmmmmm, ummmmmm, I'm under prssure!!I can't decide!!!I love them both,oh dammit I'm in such a mess!
Ugh I can't decide, just make it a draw for my sake!!!!
Actually don't make it a draw...I can't pick between then so I just pick Jackson!!(jasper)
Totally awesome dude!!and hott too!
Jackson!...Oh, sorry. Hehe! Uh...dang, my friend would kill me if I didn't pick Kellan. But I love Robert! Ahh! I can't pick!
i think kellan is hotter
i <3 him!!!
neither...i prefer jacob...but edwart and emmet are hot too
I don't thinkl either one of them is hotter because I think that jasper is the hotest
honestly it would be kellan he's sight for sore eyes! yes rob is hot but not that hot!
I think that kellen is sexy but i love roberts shyness
So i like them both
I luv Edward, but i'm a diehard Kellan fan :)


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