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hey everyone..

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sorry julie gotta go.....all the best with your meeting.
i will try to come later if I can.
Have a lot of homework to catch.
love you always. if free.
love you till next time
hello any one here
Hello to everyone. How is everyone doing today?
Hey Erin..How are you???
Ok and you?
I am fine...I guess we havent met before...
I am Taruna( damn its so obvious..stupid me)..
I am from India and I am 19 yrs old..I am studying to be an auditor .
No we haven't, I just goinged this group this morning. And I've onlt been on this Twilight Saga for about a month now. My name is Erin, I'm 28 and I'm from London Ontario. I'm a stay at home mom of 2, so I have my hands full.
What is an auditor?
Glad you joined the group..Welcome..
We have a lot of ladies in this group who are really nice and you will have fun chating with all of us here..
speaking have having fun look out here I come lol
I am here too...
What were you doing???
*raises and eyebrow*
*smiles *
LMAO reading


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