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hey everyone..

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Hi jules yeah I knw how was ur easter mines was pretty good we had dinner at my grandmoms and my brother and his wife n 2 kids came 2 visit also so I was pretty excited about tht..I'm at wrk about 2 leave my daughter gets out at 12:30 today..
I had a real good easter. We went to my mother in laws. Monday and Tuesday sucked I had to attend a funeral for one of my sons class mates. Thursday my husband and I left and went to my dads and spent time with him. My brother and couple of our cousins and a couple of my brothers friends came we cut and stack wood for my dad. We laughed so much we all had a great time. We will be going back up the the end of this month to help work on another project.. And then came back to work on Monday.. Now I'm have a decussion with my son on him getting his eras pireced. Not to keen on the idea. I told him he needs to talk to his dad.. I look at it this way he could be doing worst things than that.. But when his sister wanted her belly button pirced she had to wait till she was 18. He is 17 will be 18 next month...
And that is my life so far.. LOL
Wow sounds lke you got ur hands full I'm glad u had a great tme with ur family...and as for the ears pierced thng it could b worst I rather tht thn a my daughters not at the belly piercing age yet but she's 10 and she wnts her eyebrows arched already I'm lke o my goodness slow dwn girlie I'm not ready 4 tht yet she's lke well what bout whn I'm 16 I said we shall c let's try 18...she's a girlie girl loves make up shoes etc..she a girl after her mothers heart.lmbo.I'm such a girlie girl but as far as makeup goes lip gloss is all she mean come on she's my 1 and only so tryna keep her a lil girl as long as I can...lmbo
Well he wants the tattoo as well... He has wanted the ear piercing since 8th grade. Back in 05 his sister was in a bad car accident and her boyfriend killed. There for he wants a tattoo with his intials in it. He wants a cross, As long as it is done tastefully I dont have a problem with it. You know.. It could be so much worst he could be out stealling and doing drugs.
Exactly I'm sorry 2 here about the accident...and kids will b kids I understand why he would want it and yes as long as its I have no tattoos wntd one whn I turned 21 but chickend out..lmbo...idk after awhile knda grew out of the phase and idk my mom knda kept me n my sisters straped 2 I didn't even start drinkn reeally until I was idk 24 I mean didn't really have tht taste 4 a party life was pretty much a home body still 2 this day I mean I lke 2 go out frm time 2 time I dnt drnk or anythng I'm a church my daughter she the total oppisite loves 2 b out the house u would thnk tht I was kidnapping her the way she acts whn she fnds out were not goin anywhere or doing anything outdoors..lmbo...she's always away her dads family is all over so she's always on the go especially in the summer last summer she wnt 2 new mexico.texas and alabama.thn ohio...yup she has a wonderful grandmom thts who she travels with...she's sooo good 2 her.
Yeah well he needs to talk to his dad. But fair is fair Tiffany had to wait and so does how many kids do you have and how old are they? I have two Tiff is 20 will be 21 in July and Brian 17 will be 18 in may
well tht I can understand....I only have 1 daughter she's 10 shell b 11 n october she's an only child me and her father aren't together any mre she has no siblings anymore whn we met he had a son but he passed away last summer he was 12 it was frm pneumonia....since birth he had problems so she had to b the big sister evn tho he was was a hard time for my daughter.
Oh I'm sorry to here that.. How is she doing now?
Well she's doing much better she tlks about him frm time 2 time.not as much as she use 2 tho I try not 2 bring him up 2 her to much.....she lkes to go put thngs on his grave site lke balloons or trucks and I guess tht really makes her feel better.soooo now she's on ths kick where she wants me 2 have a jus look at her and say mommy wants u 2 have a brother but not dnt want anymre kids unless I'm married so at ths point she gonna b an only child.she's always with my nephews my sister has 2 boyz so I guess tht knda mkes up 4 her brother not being here.
Hello!!!!, anybody home????
Hi barbie
Jus wanted 2 say hi cuz I havnt tlk 2 u n awhile but I.ll b bck n bout an hour will u b on.


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