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hey everyone..

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So, did you find the link? I am reading summertime, then I need to get motivated.
yes I found the link and printed it off.. Youn can come to my house to and motivate there LOL
hehehe. I have trouble getting motivated here!! LMAO. The country song talking about me and my husband need a wife... it fits, totally!!!
LOL I know I put off my house work as well.. I hate doing it.. It never stays clean I wish I could just wiggle my nose and poof it was done
I know the feeling!! Okay, I need to go. I will be on later, and I will go to bed early tonight!! I'll ttyl.
have fun ttyl
Hey ladies how are jus wanted 2 stop by and say hi hpe ur weekend is a goodone and meg I would love 2 read ur story.
Well my weekend strtd 2day I have a 4 day weekend I dnt thnk I will b on here tomorrow so jus gettn a head strt on telln u guyz 2 have a beautiful weeknd..
Tanesha we are on at the same time wow
Okay her story is on the Family site but there is an adult version on another site..
Ok where's all tht at is it on her page


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