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hey everyone..

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go to the DISCUSSION/ GROUPS on family then click on that scroll down to stories click on the FAN FICTIONS TWILIGHT RELATED HERE then scroll down to her story warmth of the sun.. It is really good as is all the other stories on there
Ok thank u so whts the adult
Hot and steamy that is on another site... I can e-mail the site to you if you want there are some real good stories on there as well
Yes u can email thm 2 me thank u
Okay I will I know you will have to join the site it costs nothing use my name as to who told you about the site...give me a few minutes and I will send it to you..
Okay just e-mailed you the link..
hey Jules..How are ya...
I just came online to talk to my teachers for a while ...But its great to see you online..I was hoping to find you and meg...
Great to finally be able to talk to you...How are you???
I am here Jules talk to me..
Now that I get to chat with you great....
How has everything been with you?
I know you have been doing alot of studing..
I am still stuck up with books but will be free on 14 may...I promise to be in touch regularly after that...i am fine otherwise..just hoping to get very good are you?? hows your family?? do u talk to andrea ?? barbie?? lia?/
i miss you all


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