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I have noticed a lot of people with the actors pictures as their profile pictures.  I guess I am wondering and if you all are out there if you contact me I will not reveal your secret at all.  But I was wondering if we really had any of the actors on this site.  It would be interesting to know that they are actually taking the time out of their day to come look at the site.  I guess I always wondered....

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ya, i wonder in a while too but i'm starting to doubt it :P
It would be nice for them to come see the discussion boards. this took the world by surprise and now its the rage of the world. Wish I could meet the actors and ask them how they felt making the movies!! I really wish I could get a role on one of the movies. I fit the pasty white complextion and I would a great to represent the Irish Coven since I am 50% Irish and look it too. I wish I wish apon a star......

Yeah! Then they could answer some of the question themselves... But I think they're too busy with acting and work to do so... Too bad!:(

i really don't think any of the twilight stars are on this site, first of all thet're way too busy, and second they probably don't want to since everywhere they look they see twilight!
They all seemed to disappear lately. But I don't think they were real. :(
I would love to know too! I'm a huge fan of twilight but a even bigger fan of Vampire Diaries. Katherina Graham, Nina Dobrev (WOH!)
Love Vampire Diaries too lol(:
I've never really watched it. Can somebody tell me what channel it's on?

I thought those were books, not TV shows. I don't even know the story, anyway.

maby 1 or 2 but they are hidden pretty well with all of the fakes

Their are actually a couple of real stars on here. Maybe 1 or 2. I actually use to talk to the Real Ashley Greene on this website. She's like so nice! she doesn't have one anymore, because she said she was too busy to stay on here... But their are a couple on here.

were r they


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