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All the members are requested to introduce themselves here..Please tell us something about yourself not the roles you play in this site...

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Well,I'm Julie!I'm 33-Years-old.I'm from Tennessee.I'm not married.I don't have any children.I younger brother,whose 29 and a 3-year-old that love to death!I enjoy watching tv,reading,getting on the computer,swimming,listening to music.I work in a grocery store as a cashier.I've been working there almost 13 years!I'm a little shy and don't talk much until I get to know a person better.I find it easier to talk on here than in person or on the phone,because,noone can see or hear you.
hi im kelsey and i love twilight i have a brother and a sister i love music and the office and am realy excited 4 eclipse
Hello, I'm Lydice (pronounced lie-dee-see). I'm 37 years old, married 17 years, have three amazing children (2 daughters and a son). I love reading, singing & music, laughing, scrapbooking, walking, our three cats, golden retrievers, the smell of a campfire or fireplace, the sound of rain falling, white daisies, all shades of purple, a wide variety of teas in my favorite comfort mugs (Longaberger pottery), trees/forests (like our back yard), ocean beaches, colorful sunsets, rainbows in the sky, warm sincere hugs, and to be appreciated and cared deeply for. I'm a loving person, but tend to be on the shy side. I'm more comfortable one on one or in small groups which makes me quieter in large groups. I didn't have much confidence as a child, but am trying to work on that in different ways by always growing. Not staying in my comfort zone... learning new things, trying new things. Recent examples of that would be joining this website and communicating in various groups and blogs... actually bowling instead of just watching and expanding my cooking abilities/skills with the help of Julia Child's special cookbooks. :) Thanks Taruna for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves!! I look forward to reading about others in this group.
hi my name is manda yeager i am 17 years old and single stiill looking for my real life jacob i am a outgoing person and i love everyone i like reading hanging out with family and freionds and right now the most important thing to me is my family
hey, i'm maura. well, it's already pretty obvious that i love twilight since i'm on this site and i think that anyone who hasn't read them should be kicked off until they have, but that's just a side note. besides twi, i love a lot of things and i can be quite random.
some things i like:
music!!! a variety:jo bros, miley, demi, selena, muse, lifehouse, vanessa, lots of soundtracks, and songs on the radio
DANCING!!! i actually just made a group for dance lovers check it out through my page
going to the movies
reading seventeen magazine
READING lots of reading: twi saga is my absolute fav, then some random ones
playing sing it! or ddr
hanging out with friends
glider rocking chairs (i told you i was random, lol)
spring and fall because i don't like extremes (i live in New England)
wolves and cats are my fav animal
my fav color is PURPLE but i also love turquois
i like to swim, but not so much in the ocean
i love italy and dream of going there some day
i also love any kind of travel and would love to tour USA and eastern europe, though i've never been on a plane before
there's a lot more i could tell you but i think thats a good start, and i gtg. for more just check out my page
well, i'll tell a little more about myself now:
my favorite smell in the world is vanilla (especially Vanilla Lace body spray from victoria secret), tho i also like a good cologne on a guy
i have a younger sister (by 1 year and she loves twi too) and a younger brother (by 5 years and has only read twilight)
my best friend moved to IN in 2008 and I've only seen her twice since :(
i like to text
i love to act
i'm learning italian
and i haven't been welcomed yet :( lol
WELCOME Kadence!!!!! So glad you're here in the twi fam!!!
Hello, my name is Carrie im 20 years old, I love twilight. Im working on my first novel. I have a wonderful husband and a two year old son that keeps me on my toes. I look forward to meeting others with the same passion for paranormal romance as me.
Hi Carrie! I'm newly but rapidly falling in love with paranormal romance!!! I actually became very good book buddies with a dear lady on this site and we've been reading a series together. I cheer you on with writing your first novel! GOOD FOR YOU!!! :)
hi, my name is rosaleen - i'm new to this group.
i'm 15 and a sophmore in high school (i'm home schooled!),my fav subject in school is history, i love music (i listen to music almost 24/7), watching movies - as well as quoting lines from movies (my fav movies to quote are: pink panther - the first one w/ steve martin - ROFL, king julion from madagaskar 2 - he's stinkin' hysterical! and of coarse twilight and new moon! :) there are tons of others too but i can't think of them all right now.), reading good books - my fav books are the twi saga - i am reading them for my third time now:), i llike drawing posters & twilight stuff in my room with my awesome older sister, playing board games w/ my amazing mom (luv ya!), playing video games such as need for speed carbon - which is one of my fav video games ever! - with my dad and little brother - we have a blast! (i alsp love to play sing it w/ my sis.), cuddling up on my bed w/ my cat pooka while i do my work, my fav season is fall - my second fav is spring, i like going for walks when the weather is nice - livin in NH can make it kind of tricky, I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! totally, i am a big fan, i prefer rob over taylor (sorry to those who don't agree w/ me), my fav color is green - but i like purple too, i love going out shopping - mainly for shoes! i love shoes! :) - or going to barne's & noble for a starbucks coffee and to look at magazines. i tend to be shy when i'm in groups or when i'm uncomfortable but other than that i have a very extreme personality and get very loud when i get excited.
i can't think of anything else right now but if u want to know more about me u can check out my page :)
~toodles <3


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