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All the members are requested to introduce themselves here..Please tell us something about yourself not the roles you play in this site...

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My name is Erin. I'm a mother of 2. My son is 4, and my daughter is 18 months old. They are the love of my life, the air that I breathe. I'm engaged to their father, we did this backwards but what the hell.
I saw the movie Twilight befor I read the books. I didn't read the book till we moved this past May. After reading all th ebooks I went and bought a copy of Twilight for myself. I saw New Moon the night it came out, and I can't wait to get it on dvd. I can't wait till Eclipse is out in June. Hopefully Stephanie will put Midnight sun out soon, and get Breaking dawn into a film soon. I love the series and am wanting so must more of a continuation.
hello erin.....plesure to meet you welcome to the family.
Hi i'm Inês and i'm from Portugal, in Europe. I love all the Twilight books but my favorit is breaking dawn. I have three mor sisters, they are all younger than me : )). I love reading, watching tv and listenning to music. I have a 7 years old daughter and a 3 years old son, They are the sun of my life.
hello ines.....plesure to meet you welcome to the family. sun as in jacob sun????LOL
have fun here.
hi Luna....please post its link here....we will read it.
and add your drawings too....will love to see them.
do you do in banners?
welcome to the family.
Hi my name is Maria I am 22 years old, I'm married with a 2yr old son. Im a stay at home mom and I run an in home daycare. Im very shy but I love the Twilight Saga books and would really like to meet people who feel the same way and be able discuss the books with them. The first one I read was Eclipse, after the end of New Moon the movie I just had to know what was gonna happen next so I bought the book and Ive been hooked ever since. They are incredibly addicting. My favorite would have to be Breaking Dawn.
Hi maria....well feel free to chat with us on chat thread.
and did you read Twilight and new moon? cos they are a bit different from the movies...and mind it....worth reading.
Ok....My name is Lynne....I'm 47 years young....I have 3 children...11, 9 and 6...who really keep me very busy. I love to read (especially Twilight Saga...although I have read The Shack...good book)...and I am currently a stay-at-home mom...who has gone back to school online for Medical Transcription. I am currently unable to add any more people as I am at my adding limit...
Welcome Lynne.. Hope you like it here.. This is a great group of people. Join us some time in the chat. We love to have fun.
If you have any question please feel free to ask..

its so nice to meet u i hope u will add me

Well i'm Ashley.I am 14 (15 in July) years old. I was born in California. I have a younger brother named Aaron who is 9. I like reading,being around people,talking, and listening to music. I am in a military family so i get to travel around the world. I currently live in Germany. I have a werid middle name which is LeaAnn. I want to have a book published before I am 18. I love looking at funny or random quotes. I like to make a statement and always speak my mind. I am outgoing and easy to talk to and I love meeting and talking to new people.
hey ashley welcome..........and all the best with the book.
come on chat thread so we can know each other more.


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