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Dear Twihards and Twilighters,lately I'm seeing bad comments about Twilight on Twilight soundtrack songs.Shall we show them what power we have and delete them?

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It is not my intentions to tell any one what they should do, but I just wanted to offer a few thoughts.  I have things that I love and things that I hate.  I LOVE chocolate and hate cheese.  I love my family...not too crazy about people who would try to hurt them.  These kinds of things are true for every last person.  And I think that is as it should be.  We each love and hate or find the middle according to what we want, and if we are being fair and balanced...we allow the same rights to all others.  When people speak about their feelings about something, it is a very thin line of allowing them their right to feel as they do when it means they are opposing our choices, but it seems that this is what we should all strive for.  That is acceptance that we differ and can like or hate what we choose.  So why not extend to others the right to choose just as we chose.  While we love twilight...let them have the right to hate it.  We can enjoy it with one another without any of the ill will or fuel taking them on brings.

In truth no matter how someone else feels, their views are meaningless until you give them merit so why not simply ignore them and enjoy with the millions who agree with us that twilight is great instead of giving time and energy to those who should not be worthy of your/the time you could devote all the more to what you do like?

So I say all that to say, instead of 'deleting' them...accept that they did not find what you/we did and let them have that hate to own all alone.  I can not imagine hate being a very pleasant place to be and so their only pleasure would be to have us join know the misery loves company thing?  So...why give them even that much of yourself?

I say ignore them and enjoy what you enjoy.


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