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How is the weather where you are at?

We currentl have snow in Indiana. I am really enjoying the scenery, since everything is dusted with the snow. It's beautiful.

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Harmony: Hey Guys!! My pack and myself are from Australia and it is a hot 41celsuis!!!
I know what that means......
It's been snowing for the past two days here in Merrimack, New Hampshire and it's an absolutely gorgeous sight (at least to my eyes)! The snow is everywhere, sticking to the sides of trees and weighing branches down. I prefer the white over a dull gray which is what it would be until spring without snow. I'm happy we haven't lost power for more than a couple hours the first night it started. Winters here are long, but beautiful with snow falling. :) Gotta love it or leave it, right?? LOL
we just had a tornado today
i'm in NH and it's pretty chilly. it snowed for a solid two days earlier this week but it's starting to melt a little. we still have like a foot on the ground though
we have snow here in wv too and it is extremly cold i about froze this moring
Yo!!! It's like, 8:00 over in Pennsylvania, and it's 36°F Current: Partly Cloudy Wind: W at 6 mph Humidity: 53%
Yeah, got it off the internet. Anyway, in simple, easy English, it's cold.
Nice to see another michigan person on here welcome. I'm in the LP ( Lower Michigan)
it snowed 2 inches by me so i have a delayed start for school. i have to go at 10. blah!!!
Here in Romania is snowing now :X It's beautiful :D :X:X
Currently 32 degrees. Has been snowing all day and will continue through tomorrow afternnon. Here in Ohio, we are expecting up to 14 inches.
it is finally raining yay!!!
we dont have much of a winter weather :(


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