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How is the weather where you are at?

We currentl have snow in Indiana. I am really enjoying the scenery, since everything is dusted with the snow. It's beautiful.

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the weather just weird
its cold right now
yesterday it was 69 degrees
its like..36 out there now..with a wind chill
we are having a blizzard right now
it is cold here in Michigan this morning, it is gonna be 33 degrees today WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO heat wave!!!!!!!! lol I am sooooooooooo over the snow already, but my youngest daughter still loves to play in it ( she is 10 )
Stephanie Hi I'm also from Michigan. Where in Michigan are you from
I am from Honduras! Yesterday it rained cats and dogs; today it was a sunny day!! Wierd I know...but I like it!! :)
It is finally starting to get warm in New has been snowing for so long and i want i tto be summer
We have lovely weather here at the moment :) in England hehe x
It is currently 48 degrees here in southern indiana
Today its raining, reminds me of a day in Forks, and its cold to the point though I am a warm bodied creature (which I wish I really was not but what can we do) that did not want to get out of bed.
im from manchester, england and its been raining here a lot lately
eh,its hot as heck where I live,in Nevada,but I guess the weather might change,every winter the weather seems to act bipoler on us =)


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