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Hey all ... so what is my twilight family upto these days???? What are you reading ??? tell us about ur own fanfics or the ones that you love to read .....Share with us and tell us about the amazing stories on the site...
Love you all

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good one.
well I am following a lot of them and you wont believe I am confused between a few of the storiesLOL
1.Clouded Dreams by Andrea
2.he was romeo I was Juliet by Kanoka cullen
3.the new kid-in this bella is a vamp and edward is human.
4.story by bubblegirl
5.i woke up in twilight.
cant remember others now will update soon.

and you?
oh come on...clouded dreams???
Andrea she is ignorant...dont think bad of her.
ok renesmee...give us the links,we will read them.
Exatly...annie..You should have given the links too for others to follow the above fanfics...
I wish I could post Stealing Time on here even though it is not a Fan Fic!!!
please do it di.
here is a gruop "writer's lounge"
itys non twilight.
I am reading Uncomfortable Truce by Chase Corin. It is absolutley amazing!! I am as addicted to that as I am to the actual saga!!!

Wow, then it must be good. Nothing can truely beat Twilight on my list... yet!

I love fanfics. Any good ones lately?

Im reading to many to list,:) But heres mine! Plz read!!!!

I know this is kind of off the topic, but I like the way Taruna calls us Twilight Family! Love this group :)


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