The Twilight Saga

What is your favorite part of The Twilight Saga? (everything films and 4 books included)

I want to know which are your favorite twilight moments. Mine are:

From Twilight: When Bella first sees the Cullens and when Edward and Bella are at the meadow!

From New Moon: When Bella and Edward are back.

From Eclipse: When Billy narrated those amazing stories about the Quiluettes!

From Breaking Dawn: Their wedding and when Bella becomes a vampire! 

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Those are really great
I do like that part in Eclipse with the Tents but I felt so sorry for Edward because he couldnt keep
Bella warm so Jacob has to keep her warm.

In the Twilight my favorite part is when they are in the Meadow and they are just staring at each other and talking to each other I think it is very romantic lol :D

twilight: the meadow

new moon: the volturi scene when she proves how much she lobes him.

eclipse: theres two the proposal scene, and the monologue at the end of the movie 

Well, firstly Eclipse is my most favourite one and then I'd say Twilight AND Breaking Dawn :), equal competition amongst them.

Anyway, there are more than one fave parts in each book. So, firstly, I love the tent scene and also the one where Edward proposes Bella, in Eclipse. And then, I like the one where Bella feels her first jealous feeling when she comes to know about the thingy Tanya once had for Edward ( lol, I lmao when Edward says Bella's cute when she's jealous :D). It was even interesting to know about Jasper's past finally, and the best thing would be the battle at the end. I'd love to see the battle version from the movie ASAP. As I already mentioned, Eclipse being my most fave one, I like almost everything in the book except when Jacob kisses Bella against her wishes :x.

As for Twilight, I enjoyed it much after reading it from Edward's perspective, i.e, Midnight Sun, though it was only for the first 12 chaps ( I swear I downloaded that draft from SMeyer's site and I do wish she starts writing the book soon ). The blood typing scene is good too and I don't have words to describe about the meadow scene. With such a huge imagination, that would be best imagined :D

And then coming to Breaking Dawn, firstly, the way Bella describes the wedding processes and all was really good ( fact is I'm not very acquainted with American weddings and reading it from the novel gave a lot of insight for me into them). And then I liked how Edward takes care of Bella in every possible way, made me wish I find my Edward soon too, lol! I also loved every part where Renesmee was involved, and then Bella's shield and how she lowered it to let Edward read her mind was just awesome! Finally, I think the 'blonde jokes' between Jacob and Rosalie were pretty funny, hehe :D. Come to think of it, I really liked the book a lot. I keep reading my fave parts again and again whenever I find time :).

Lastly, I didn't like New Moon much, and the reason is simple - I hated that Edward left Bella, though he thought it was for her own good :x. But I enjoyed the reunion scene and the one where Aro gets frustated when he gets to realize that Bella is 'immune' to his power as well ( I guess that one's better shown in the movie version, though it must be natural for Aro to get frustated in the book as well). Reading New Moon, didn't really make me like Jacob, let alone change me into Team Jacob. Team Edward forever though!

Finally, I'm a hard core fan of the Twilight series and I'm proud to say so :)
I say my favorite book would b Breaking Dawn, but lyk any other twilight fan, i hav a favorite part in every book :P

From Twilight: When Bella and Edward r in the meadow n when Bella's heart starts racin every time Edward tries to touch her in the hospital

From New Moon: When Bella has her epiphany n realizes that Edward luvs her

From Eclipse: The tent part n when Bella agrees to hav a wedding

From Breaking Dawn: The wedding, when Jacob throws the metal bowl (that says 'fido') at Rosalie's head, when Bella beats Emmet at arm wrestlin and shows Nessie how shiny she is, when Bella realizes that Jacob will always c her as the normal,human Bella n when Bella shows Edward her thoughts
From Midnight Sun: When Edward finally realizes that he luvs Bella n when Edward could read the Ms.Cope's n heard her sayin "he's too young for me, too young, too young"....or at least sumthin along those lines XD
Wow, to say what are my favorite Twilight moments is so hard to come up with since there is so many!! But if I had to pick a few:

1) Bella telling Edward she knows what kind of creature he is.

2) The welcoming of Bella with in the Cullens home for the first time. "your not worried about being in a house full of vampires, but that they will not like you!!!"

3) When Bella punches Paul and he shifts into a wolf...that whole scene was great.

4) When Alice came back to check on Bella..... "Bella how are you alive!!"

5) Bella's transformation....oh, how I wish that would of been me!!

6) The first time Bella met her daughter and almost killed Jacob for imprinting on Nessie.

7) the way in the end the Cullen's Clan and the Pack become one force to recon with!!

8) Aro's defeat at the end of the 4th book.

Those are what popped into my head..... So many more but I would be here for a month if I wrote down every part I really liked!!
from twilight its the 'spidermonkey' part, always makes me smile
from new moon its when bella goes to stop edward from walking out into the sunlight in italy
from eclipse its the tent
from breaking dawn its the honeymoon


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