The Twilight Saga

This is a Game where the person Twists the Wish of the person Above them.

I wish I was a cullen.

Granted! But your the cullen Dog!
I wish I Can Live Forever

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granted! you can live forever but the twilight books/movies will never happen
i wish i could travel anywhere i wanted to at any time
Granted! But its Rob's head your jumping on in a form of a cloud!

I wish for everyone to attend Emmett and I's wedding! :D!
Granted! But You will have worms as hair and will scare everyone away!

I wish i could live in the twilight series!
Granted! But It's the Twilight Zone Series!

I Wish i can Have a million Shoes That Alice Picked for me!
Granted! But they're all the wrong size and don't fit you

I wish Alice was my sister
Granted by Edward will leave and find a girl vamp who he likes way better

I wish I was a good vamp in the series
Granted! But you get ravaged by the Victoria's New Born and burnt to crisp!

I wish You happiness!
Granted the Volture Guard has come and we die anyways

I wish I was bueatiful like Rosalie
Granted! But your the only one can see the Beauty, everyone else thinks and sees the opposite!

I wish Edward Really existed!
Granted but so does bella (no explanation needed)

I wish I would have Emmett for my other half
GRanted! so one half of you isyou and the other half is Emmett! your a He/She :D!

I wish Emmett and I will live forever, happily together, indestructable, he loves me, i love him! foreveR!
granted! but rosalie finds out!!! RUN!!

i wish i was a vampire


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