The Twilight Saga

This is a Game where the person Twists the Wish of the person Above them.

I wish I was a cullen.

Granted! But your the cullen Dog!
I wish I Can Live Forever

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Fine but you slip up and kill a human and the Cullens and Quiluetes hate you and kill you.

I wish for bunny world domination! And they dont hurt me, they love me! Unlike you! ( hee hee, i dont want to tell you my real wish!)
Granted.. but their gonna get hungry and eat you..

i wish that their would be more books added pn too the twilight saga,,
Granted, but there are no good male vampires!!

I wish I was psychic like Alice
Granted! but you only see common things like tying shoes and sneezing!

I wish my sister happiness!
Granted! But you will have perpetual misery.

I wish bunnies wore socks! mwahahahahaha!
Granted but then the eat the socks then get hungry again and eat you!

I wish for perpetual misery to bella! (shes a ho!)
Granted! But because Bella's miserable, She o.d's on anti- depressants. Edward kills himself and the whole world hates you for killing Edward.♥

I wish I had a pet rainbow.☺
Granted but then it dies from your stash of drug! Then all the leprachans get angry and kill you!

I wish for Magic Powers!
GrAnTeD! But you test them out and your magic powers back fire and kill you.Ouch! that sucks u should have Hogwarts!

I wish for edward.
Granted! But Its just Turns out you get Edwards dead body! That Bites! Good thing your an archeologist!

I wish for nothing!
Granted. Twilight never existed.

I wish to find my own Edward.
Granted. you find a picture of him with sharpie all over it

I wish that edward cullen was my best friend!


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