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Okay, so here's how we're going to play the classic "truth or dare"

FIRSTLY, you pick a Cullen. Any Cullen. You then (as another cullen) ask that cullen truth or dare. They answer, and then you ask them a question/dare them to do something. Somebody else discribes the truth/dare, and they dare/question somebody else.

EG. Emmett was dared to tear up Esme's garden.


I tore up every rose, blade of grass, and fence in the beautiful garden of my mother's. She came outside, and I was banned from my xbox.

"Now, Alice! TRUTH OR DARE!"


"Hmm... TRUTH!"


"What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?"


The next person will then discribe Alice's embarassment and so forth. Does that make sense?


Okay, here we go!



"Truth or dare Carlisle honney?"


"Dare I guess."


"I dare you to take your shirt off and sing anything you want!"

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Bella glared at me.
"I was busy trying not to kill you, remember?"
Her facade of irritation lifted as a sparkle of humour glinted in her eye. She laughed, and so did I, but not for long.
"Bella, truth or dare?"

*oh crap i shoulda seen that coming*

"I dare you to cut some fur off Jake's tail." (he's asleep as a wolf in the corner)
I stalked over to Jacob, a pair of scissors in my hand, and snipped off half the fur on his tail. Thankfully, he didn't wake up.
I walked back to the circle, dumping the fur onto Jasper and sat down.
"Truth or Dare Emmett?"
"DARE! Duh!"
"I dare you to wake Jacob up with his fur all over you, holding a pair of scissors."
"Psht. He's asleep! That'll be easy!!"
I swaggered up to Jake, grinning at Bella as she glared confidently at me. I waved the scissors and the hair in front of the mutt's face. Bella and Alice grinned simultaneously, and Nessie yawned. Jake, of course, woke up too.
The first thing he saw was Nessie, naturally, but before I could get back to my seat he had spotted me. And the fur. And the scissors.
Aw dang it!!

WHAT???!!! EMMETT!!!
I roared with anger and lunged at the sneaky bloodsucker.
"Thanks Alice," Bella murmured.
"No probs, sis," the pixie said, beaming.
"You planned that?!!" Emmett roared. "You knew he was going to wake up!"
"Maybe," Alice replied cryptically.
"Right. Truth or Dare Alice??"

"Hmmm dare"

"I dare you to give every piece of clothing you've bought in the last month to a donor bin, and not go shopping again for a week. and YES that means you'll have to wear the same stuff twice!"
Alice frowned and I cracked up laughing.
Hmm...I'd already heard it. Have I ever taken sneakish peeks of her mind? That's easy.
"Never when it's unnecessary."
Alice looked extremely suspicious.
"Of course." Well, who'd know even if I lied? But I'd know if they did...except for Bella. How unfair this stupid game was. I hoped the next person was going to choose Dare.

"Okay, but..."

"Rose, your turn. Truth or Dare?"

"Dare!" she said with her nose in the air, glaring at Edward.
"And why are you laughing so hard Alice??"

"All right, I dare you to visit Leah with a letter reading "Sorry, I have a crush on Seth".
looks around, pummels all the furniture with an air of grace, and then says i rather like the old furniture anyway.

hmmm, lets see? Carlisle dear truth or dare?


Do you secretly wish that it was you who changed Bella? just to get a taste of her?
"No way. How do you ever come up with such a question?"

"Is what she said true?"

"No idea."

*winks and whisper* "Well done Bella..."

"So...Emmett! Truth or Dare?"

"Why it's me again? Dare of course!!"

"I dare you to pretend to get injured in a car accident, and call an ambulance to send yourself to Carlisle's hospital."
I laughed, snatching the keys to Bella's Ferrari and leaping into it BEFORE ANYONE COULD STOP ME!
I crashed into a car parrallel parking near the hospital. The windscreen smashed, and I pretended to go flying out the window.
The made me "go under aneseptic", only to find Carlisle walking in with the "X-RAYS" saying I was fine. HA!
I went back home, glares shooting at me all around.
"Truth or dare Jasper?"
"Dare... I guess."
"I dare you to make anyone in this room, anyone at all, feel like they're in love with the window."
Seeing as nobody's playing...
I looked straight at Emmett. Wrong choice for a dare, Em.
His eye twitched, and he found himself looking at the window the way Rosalie looks in the mirror- full of Love.
Emmett slowly walked up to the window, and pressed his lips hard against it, groaning with pleasure. It was funny... until he decided to take his trousors off.
He walked angrilly back to the circle.
"Truth or Dare Bella?"

Why Me?

"What's the weirdest place you've done it?" I smirked.
*blushing furiously*
" time in the jet toilet" I admitted reluctantly. Edward smiled and shook his head. This was so embarrassing! I should have just picked dare!
"You told me it wasn't working," Carlisle muttered, clearly irritated. Esme stifled a giggle at the look on her husband's face.
"You were flying the plane, dear, she probably didn't want to distract you," she said through her laughter.
"Think it's so funny?? Truth or dare Esme?"

"Dare" i grinned.

"I dare you to sing Candy Man by Christina Aguilera - in the sailor suit and everything."
Good one!!!
I gasped. Candyman? I hadn't heard that song since... Carlisle chuckled at the memory.
Then I smirked. Dares were meant to be fun, right?
Alice already had a dress prepared, so once I was dressed, I began to sing.
"I met him put for dinner on a Friday night,
He really had me workin up an appetite,
He had tattoos up and down his arm,
There's nothin more dangerous than a boy with charm,
He's my one stop cop, makes my _______ drop,
Hes a a sweet talkin, sugar coated candy man!"
I sung to Carlisle whilst on his knee. Bella was horrified.
"Truth or dare Alice?"
"I dare you to go to the mall and not buy anything."
Conspiracy I tell you! GRRR!!
"I thought you loved me," I lamented, heading for the door. I ran down to the mall, stepped in the door, counted to three and jumped out again.
"I'm very proud," Esme told me warmly when I got back home - although she made no effort to hide that evil grin.
"Jasper; truth or dare?" I asked, ignoring my mother.


"Did you ever have the hots for anyone but me since you were changed? Anyone at all?" I eyed him suspisciously


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