The Twilight Saga

What you do is you pick a Twilight character and have them write a brief letter to another. The next poster takes the person who the letter is from and writes a letter to them from another character? Get it? Here's an example:

First post:
Dear Edward,
You suck. That is all.

Second Post:
Dear Jacob,
I miss you.

Third Post:
Dear Bella,
Roses or Tulips for your bouquet?

So you guys get the idea right? Hopefully you guys can think of a better one. Just continue from my post.

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Dear Bella,

Do you fancy a shopping trip to Seattle?

Dear Alice,

I love you,
just wanted to let you know.

Dear Edward,

Do you want to go and hunt some stinking herbivores?

Love Bella
Dear Esme

Can Rose and I borrow your Island too? :D?
I swear We wont damage it!...Much! :D

(OMG I love you! weee :D! lol)

Dear Rosalie,

That is so Kind of you,
elope With me.

Your Secret Admirer,
Mike Newton
Dear Jessica,

Well, what can I say?
She's hott!


Dear Jessica,

What Was bella thinking?
She is such a Backstabber!
Mike is yours,
And now she's stealing my man!
She needs to die!

(Yay new games!)
Dear Bella,

So if you're vampire girl, and I'm wolf girl, what does that make Ness--I mean, Renesmee?

Dear Emily

Your a hideous Cousin
I hate you
Go Roll over and Die
I hope he drools all over you.
@#$@#4 @#$@ %%^$% @#$@42!!!

Dear Jacob

Seriously, Get a life.
Quit making an "Adult movie" in your head
starring Bella...
Not all of us Enjoy it...sometimes

Dear Embry,

OMG can you say W H I P P E D!
"sit boy"
- yes ma'am
*wag tails, tounge out, drools*
"good boy! good Boy!!


Dear Emily,
So sorry about your face.
Love you forever,
Nearly your husband,


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