The Twilight Saga

What you do is you pick a Twilight character and have them write a brief letter to another. The next poster takes the person who the letter is from and writes a letter to them from another character? Get it? Here's an example:

First post:
Dear Edward,
You suck. That is all.

Second Post:
Dear Jacob,
I miss you.

Third Post:
Dear Bella,
Roses or Tulips for your bouquet?

So you guys get the idea right? Hopefully you guys can think of a better one. Just continue from my post.

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Dear Rosalie,

You are not as beautiful as you think you are.
In fact i think Bella is prettier now she is a vampire.

Dear Alice:

I need help...
Jake ask me out and i dont know what to wear!
please HELP!

Dear jacob

I might drink blood but it occured to me
you lick your private parts.
Thats wrong.


I would love to see your face when i beat you in arm wrestle after i become a vampire.

Dear Bella,
please tell Jacob that if he doesn't stop doing.. werewo.. *cough* umm.. that wierd thing I don't want to know about.. that I'm going to stop feeding him when he comes over!!
Thank you baby,
Dad (Charlie)
Dear charlie,
Jacob can not stop doing that thing that you dont want to know about
but there is a way to stop him i suggest we take him on a huntting
trip and then we switch it up and make him the prey. I know you
might be a little hesitent at first but think about the fact that he is
already in love with your 5 year old grand daughter.

Sincerely yours
Your son in law
Dear Bloodsucker:

Watch your mouth! because one of this days i will not be capable of contein
and i'm going to rip one of your legs off!...
you know that i cant help feel in that way about nessie...


Please leave jacob alone i know that neither of us like
the idea that he imprinted with our daughter but for now there
is nothing we can do about it because if we took jacob away
from renesmee she would freak out and hate us for the rest of her immortal
life which will be forever. So think about what you would prefer a son in law that you hate
or your only daughter hating you for the rest of the days this world keeps turning,
Love you always

Dear Bella,
If you don't start using all the clothes I bought you, I'm going to be very angry with you. You have no fashion sense.. and you need a lesson.
Your so weird
and energetic but sweet

dear jessica,
i wish we could have been better friends

Dear Bella
I'm so so sorry about the whole van thing
really sorry really
I'll make it up to you really
so so sorry


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