The Twilight Saga

Say a quote from the twilight saga movies. for example



Somebody: "You think you can ought run me?"


Someone else: Edward Twilight


and then they say a quote


I'll start!

" How can sombody so small be so anoying?'

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after you answer then you are soposto say a quote! =) oh well!

" She doen't know who she wants!"

" our blissful piece of forever"
Bella? About the meadow? In Breaking Dawn?

"Let me show you how I hunt." or something close to that...
Bella in New Moon.

"Fun, isn't she?"

Alice. About Peter and Charlotte coming. In Midnight Sun.

"I think she wants protection, and she put Riley in charge of creating the front line."

hint ~ Bella's enemy
Ummm I think it's Aro in new moon, is tht rite?

I dreamed of kissing her last nite!!!

This person said it in the book not the movie

I can't think who said that. At first I thought maybe Jacob. but I'm not sure.


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