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WAt do u guys think the next movie is going to be about love, romance, sad come on people i need to know wat u guys thing

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this is a games club


defo romance, tension between jake and edward.....
i think it is going to be sad!!!
Have you not read the book !? Yea ... we all know its sad in the beginning but Stephanie Meyers is not one to leave her readers sad ... there's always a happy ending and she wouldn't of created Eclipse or Breaking Dawn if there wasn't a happy ending ... New Moon made me extremely angry though !! ... I HONESTLY CANNOT WAIT TILL JUNE 30, 2010 when Eclipse comes out ... because I DO NOT LIKE JACOB !! was never a big a fan ... and sexy body or not ... his character just annoys me and I do not understand why she's so hung up over him and becomes best friends with him ... I'm glad she kinda woke up from that nightmare of details to their friendship in the end ... even if it wasn't until like Breaking Dawn ... but whatever yo ... I'm excited about the movie ... 9 days left !! I spent $30 more than orginal box office prices for advance screening tix so ... they better be worth it ... but of corse it will because I can watch twilight over and over and over and over and over and over again ... and read the books over and over and over and over and over again ...yea ... anyways ...
This is a games club.
There is a New Moon discussion group.


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