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K. I give you a question,you answer it. The first person to answer it correctly gets to ask next question (it keeps going and going like that). Rate the difficuly 1-5 *s

What are the names of the 6 Volturi Coven People (including the dead)?
difficulty: ***

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Aro - Sulpicia, Caius - Athenodora, Marcus - Didyme(d).

What did Eleazar do before he joined the Denali coven?
difficulty: ***
He was originally a guard of the Volturi until he met his mate Carmen, and then later left the Volturi to find peace with his love. Soon after leaving the Volturi, Carmen and himself joined the Denali Coven many years after it was established.

In how many bites did Bella swallow her granola bar the morning after she discovered Edward was a vampire?
Difficulty: ***
1? idk if its right so you gotta tell me.
i don't know how many times! :D

In what book did Bella break her hand? and by what?
Difficulty: *
Eclipse, because she punched jacob in the face after he kissed her

who packed Bella's bag for her honeymoon? and what extra surprise was include in there?
Alice packed the bag. (of course) and um idk swimsuit?

Who wasn't turned into a vampire by Carlisle (before Breaking Dawn)?
Difficulty: ****
I am not sure what you are looking for here Bella ( suppose to be after graduation) but also Jasper, Alice

How many times does Bella hear Edwards voice in New Moon before she goes to save him.
Difficulty: *****
She hears his voice 3 times before she has to go save him

what compromise does Edward make to Bella in Eclipse
to turn bella into a vampire if she marry him;-D
jasper and alice they found the cullens and bella edward changed her
actually the surprise was lingeire
she broke her hand in eclipse because jacob kissed her and so she was mad at him and punched him in the face


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