The Twilight Saga

K. I give you a question,you answer it. The first person to answer it correctly gets to ask next question (it keeps going and going like that). Rate the difficuly 1-5 *s

What are the names of the 6 Volturi Coven People (including the dead)?
difficulty: ***

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I know she is imagining a ulcer churning under the spare tire. but i can't seem to remember that book or page it is on. I reply when i figure it out.
the ferrari is red. if your talking about bella's after car
What streets formed the corner that the ballet studio was on? and what page and chapter is thison?
To Renesmee's:

58th and Cactus. ch.20. pg. 420

What color was Tanya's hair?
Renesmee ( V - V ) 's is 58th and Cactus
Twilight, pg.420

How many slides are mentioned that Bella and Edward looked at in Biology?
(extra credit: what were the types of mytosis they they identified?)
Emmett has a jeep, and I think it's red.
Curly strawberry blone hair!

Where do the vampires meet with the werewolves to train for the upcoming battle with the newborn vampires? - ***
2 times mabey i don't know, and i don't know what the bonus is, sorry! :c(
once i believe and its jacob talking about... him being able to fight against clouds but not an eclipse
aro, demetri, felix, alec, jane, caius
It seems like it would be Bella thinking about Jacob and


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