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K. I give you a question,you answer it. The first person to answer it correctly gets to ask next question (it keeps going and going like that). Rate the difficuly 1-5 *s

What are the names of the 6 Volturi Coven People (including the dead)?
difficulty: ***

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eclipes and because she punched jacob in the face because he kissed her
i think it was .......... about 11 er 5 maybe 6
he was part of volturi...

who were jacob black's sister?
Jacob doesn't have any sisters ... he may have brothers ... but we don't know because there's no confirmation ... Jacob hasn't really spoken to Billy about it ... am i right !? I never really paid attention when they spoke about Quileute stuff ... =0S lol

What was the name of the half caste vamp who came to give witness in breaking dawn ?- towards the end of the book ...
rebecca and someone else i think were his sisters
he was a valtrra sheild
1. Demetri, Jane, Alec, Cais, Marcus, Aro.
2. Worked for the Volturi seeking vampires with special talents
3. three???
4. in Eclipse when she tried to punch Jacon in the face coz he's a jerk and tried to kiss her.
5. Alice. pregnancy tests, skimpy swimwear, sexy lingerie
6. Alice and Jasper. then Bella was turned by Edward
7. seven. twice with Jessica in Port Angeles. once when she was in the meadow with Laurant. Twice on the motorbikes with Jacob. and twice when she jumped off the cliff.

what were five of Edwards top ten nights with bella??

Difficulty: ***
I can only think of one right now... i think it is one atleast

When bella thought she was dreaming in new moon when Edward came back... is that one atleast right?
the first night, the night when he came back, IDK
Yo that difficulty is not 3 lol.
I dont know but I will take a shot
1. The first night he watched her sleep
2. Their wedding
3. First night he came back
4.The first night at Esme Isle
5. The night she let him in her ind
Wasn't one of them when she said 'Yes' to his marriage proposal?


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