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K. I give you a question,you answer it. The first person to answer it correctly gets to ask next question (it keeps going and going like that). Rate the difficuly 1-5 *s

What are the names of the 6 Volturi Coven People (including the dead)?
difficulty: ***

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Alice, Jasper, Emmet, Esme and Carlisle wanted her to become a vampire (for differents reasons) and Rose and Edward wanted her to stay human.

What did Carlisle's father for a living?
Not Breaking Dawn, Eclipse

What medical (?) problem does Leah suffer from..
is it that ahe can't have kids...

why does jacob show him self to bella's dad???
yes that's the right answer i was going for ( i didn't really know how to word it properly).

He's shows himself to charlie because he thinks that charlie should still be a part of Bella and especially Renesmee's life and it's the only way to make him uderstand that there are things here he doesn't understand and that it doesn't matter, everyone is still happy and safe. He wants charlie to understand that even though bella's "different" now she still loves him etc...

Where is Bella and Jacobs special "spot" to talk?
down at La Push on a rock/tree branch....

When Bella finilly found out that Jacob was wolf she went to his house and went into his bedroom and said what to herslef????
He looked like a kid.

What color was Bella's going away ensemble?
hint: Edward's favorite color
Volturi mates

Bella's going away ensemble was blue...Edward's favorite color on her.

Who was in Jacob's pack?
What color was Bella's going away ensemble?

hint: Edward's favorite color

Difficulty: **
i believe it was blue?? cuz he said it brought out just the right colours of her skin..

what chapter of twilight did stephanie meyer say she dreamed about and that made her decide to write the books..?


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