The Twilight Saga

K. I give you a question,you answer it. The first person to answer it correctly gets to ask next question (it keeps going and going like that). Rate the difficuly 1-5 *s

What are the names of the 6 Volturi Coven People (including the dead)?
difficulty: ***

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some of the Volturi

where Alice was waiting for Jasper
Cafe in Seattle

What is the nomads names
James, Victoria and Laurent

but...the cafe wasn't in Seattle
so....where was the cafe?
It was a diner in Philadelphia!!
Who did Jacob talk about to Bella in the bible (in Eclipse)?
umm...this is a hard one. I should remember it, but I don't. I guess other people are the same.
I just remembered! It was when Solomon said he could cut the baby in 2 & they would each get 1/2. Jacob said he wouldn't do that to Bella anymore.

What would Leah not take from the Cullens?

Who did Bella love more? Edward or Jacob?
Edward (of course)

What would Leah not take from the Cullens?


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