The Twilight Saga

Say would you rathers twilight related. Here is an example of a would you rather


             Somebody: Would you rather have golden brown eyes your whole life or have red eyes your whole life?


 Somebody else: I would want golden brown eyes.


 Same person: Would you rather have Jacob as a friend or Alice as a friend?

And kep on going.

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Would you rather have edward vovlo or Bella's Truck?
edward's volvo
Bella's truck, it has more character.


jacob as a friend

would you rather be with jacob or edward?

Would you rather have Nessie's power or Bella's power?
nessie's power

would you rather be leah or emily?
I would be Emily It would me cool to be imprinted! ( But i like being me better!)

Would you rather Drive Bella's truck or Bella's car or van in Breaking Dawn. The won that is very expensive i think! The won in the bining on breaking Dawn
i woudl like to drive bella's car(mercedes guardian) in breaking dawn.



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