The Twilight Saga

Ok, here's a fun one! Come up with something witty to complete the phrase, "You know you're a Twilight addict if . . . ."

Here's mine:

You bring up Twilight in everyday conversation!

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How about being the only girl at a skool to actually admit tht she's obsesed and addicted over twilight and having a special place for ur twilight books and having a one an only bookmark tht ur only aloud to use for twilight books because it's ur favorite bookmark and begging ur mom to by u the twilight blanket she saw at the store and wishing tht someday she will hav the fairy tale of her dreams to meet Taylor lautner and get married!!!!!! have a New Moon book bag, on the door knob of the broom closet straight across from the front door, so everyone who comes to the door knows you love Twilight.

i always talk a bout twilight and how clumsy i am and i am always talking a bout my brother jaskson rathbone.

You talk on and on about Twilight and never stop. 

When you obsess about the characters.

When you think that the characters are real. 


i do that some time but it is usely about the movies when they com out. hear words that are in Twilight everywhere, and you smile every time you hear them.

Watch the Twilight movies like it's T.V.

when you've talked about twilight so much that your brother knows what happens in all the twilight movies and that he knows every character 

you have statues of edward jacob &bella and talk to thenm as if they are alive put a beautiful poem about Twilight on a pic of Bella & Edward, and carry a copy in your purse so you can show people why you like Twilight.


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