The Twilight Saga

Ok, here's a fun one! Come up with something witty to complete the phrase, "You know you're a Twilight addict if . . . ."

Here's mine:

You bring up Twilight in everyday conversation!

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You are constantly thinking that NO BOOK you read is better than twilight, and try to make the characters twilight characters!
you have come seconds close 2 having everything u own of twilight destroyed by ur parents b/c u talk bout it 2 much
You read the books and imagine yourself and one of the characters. you day dream about Twilight and you also dream all night long about Twilight. i know i do. jkjk.
haha I so do that !!
you think of every situation to twilight

when you hear thunder you wonder if the cullens are playing baseball

think about twilight 24/7

get offended if someone bad mouths anything twilight

srry if these are already on her i didnt want to look through all the pages and read every single comment
You own more then three copies of each of the books, and some of them aren't even in English, and you don't speak any other languages!
You have twilight bed sheets, a calendar, every photo frame is a picture of edward cullen and your mobile phone wallpaper is a picture of Edward Cullen... your facebook status are all about twilight... you read the ALL books over and over again and if your not reading the books, your looking up websites...youtubing it, watching New Moon's trailers over and over again even though you know everything that happens in the booking - trying to match up which footage is to which chapter... and you fall asleep listening to Bella's lullaby ... you never get sick of watching Twilight over and over again ... You've read Midnight Sun ... AND ... your writing the sequal to Breaking Dawn...

your status on facebook atm is "Can't go outside on this sunny day ... Vampires arn't allowed" and someone hits reply and says "because you'll melt in the sun if your a vampire? (obviously not a vampire fan) and you reply " no... because it's against the vampire laws to show our skin out in the sun ... our killer skin glows like diamonds and if we expose ourselves .. the volturi will surely be after us" lol ..

your speech and literature is sooo pronouced and proper now because you've inherited Edwards manners and Stephanie's use of language in her novels...

your sitting at work suppose to be doing other things... but instead your posting messages on twilight discussion boards...

That's all from me ...
you write twilight on everyhting u get your hands on or never want anyone to talk during the movie twilight
You are in this forum when you could be doing something less interesting.
when you look at your boyfriend and say sparkle you fool SPARKLE!!
When a thunder and lightning storm has new meaning LOL
Or when it rains or is cloudy, you get excited and think the cullens can come out today!!!


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