The Twilight Saga

Ok, here's a fun one! Come up with something witty to complete the phrase, "You know you're a Twilight addict if . . . ."

Here's mine:

You bring up Twilight in everyday conversation!

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everyone u know that hasn't read twilight (i didnt say u liked them...) actually thinks ur bf's name is Edward, and your bff's name is Jacob
topaz is ur new fav gem
you catch yourself trying to run vampire like fast around the house
you have tried to skip like Alice does
you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend "I love you like Bella loves Edward"
you have one favorite character who you believe that your personality matches the most and you try to act like them and hope that one day, you'll turn into them
you googled adrenaline rush when you got home from seeing the movie friends & I actually wrote one of these... it was 13 pages long...
your 2nd question after sum1s name is"have u read twilight?" or if u believe that after u read twilight that vampires existed
You say Twilight in every sentence and after you breath you say twilight.
You run to hot topic and buy every twilight thing they have
You have a life size cardboard cut out of Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen *sigh*
when your friends get mad at you for talking about twilight for the zilyenth time


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