The Twilight Saga

Ok pretend you are a vampire and you have a vamp lover (depending weither you are a girl or boy)

Say what you would do for them(you can use one of the Cullens if you want)

Then ask a question if they would do it for a Cullen(or any other vamp) Example if confused also it doesn't have to be a lover it could be like alice as a friend/sis
If you would not write something you would do

edwardfan: I would ignore any blood for a week for Edward.
Would you run in the sunlight for James?
imalice: NO I would not but I would eat human food for Esme
Would you Drink human blood for Rosalie
twilightfan: Yes I would
Would you swim for days for Carlisle?

ok hopefully you understand I will begin

I would stand up against to Volturri(spelling) for Renesmee but I would not attack a human for Jasper.
Would you not drink any blood for a month for Esme?

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Never! blasphemy! i would never destroy emmett anything!
Rose can go guy die somewhere dark and smelly :)!

Would you rather have 1 day with Edward and get your heart broken or never to have the chance at all?
One day with a broken heart, it is better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all!
*although it may not be such a good thing for my husband if i spent a day with Edward ;)*

Would you live forever without ever seeing any of your family or friends again to be with Edward (without a goodbye)?
Yes, it would be sad but yes i would.
To Be With Emmett not edward yes :D!

Would you rather love Edward and have your heart broken or Realize this is all a dream and a fake?

would you burn down your house if edward would be real and u be his bella?
Yes i would burn down my house to be edwards bella .

Would you kill emmett to be with edward ?
i will do anyting and wadever it takes for edward and stay forever wid him...
would also and i would never be able to give up Jacob

would u kill Charlie (or ur Dad) to be with Edward?
No, but I would want to! lol

Would you be a non-vegetarian vampire to be with Edward?
Yes, I would
would you tell everyone your families secret to be with Bella??
yes to be with bella if i was edward....but then i have have to get other vampire to kill them so then they dont tell

would you love rosalie?
Yes,but like a sister because she reminds me of my own sister.

If one of the Cullens wanted you to kill someone, would you do it?


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