The Twilight Saga

Ok pretend you are a vampire and you have a vamp lover (depending weither you are a girl or boy)

Say what you would do for them(you can use one of the Cullens if you want)

Then ask a question if they would do it for a Cullen(or any other vamp) Example if confused also it doesn't have to be a lover it could be like alice as a friend/sis
If you would not write something you would do

edwardfan: I would ignore any blood for a week for Edward.
Would you run in the sunlight for James?
imalice: NO I would not but I would eat human food for Esme
Would you Drink human blood for Rosalie
twilightfan: Yes I would
Would you swim for days for Carlisle?

ok hopefully you understand I will begin

I would stand up against to Volturri(spelling) for Renesmee but I would not attack a human for Jasper.
Would you not drink any blood for a month for Esme?

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No I would not! But I would Abstain from drinking blood forever for Emmett

Would you die for Edward?
I would die for Edward

Would you undergo hours of full size barbie for Alice?
Yes!! as long as i get all the clothes, shoes, and bags for free! :D for the rest of my life!

Would you Kill Edward to save yourself?
No I would not but I would kill myself to save Edward

Would you became a nomade so the rest of your coven is not harmed by the Volturi
Yes! just as long as Emmett is with me!

Will you Saw your own eyes and lips for Edward's safety?
i wouuld do ANYTHING 4 edward, even stay human 4 the rest of my life (though i really dont want 2)
lol what is your question?
No, I would not die for Emmett.

If you were Bella, and you had to choose between Renesmee or Edward, who would you choose?
Omg. I would kill myself so i wouldn't have to choose.

If you were Jake and you had to choose between Bella and Renesmee's life who would you choose?
(hahah lol forbidden)

If i were Jake I'd shoot myself, save Bella and Renesmee the trouble haha lol :D (Wrong person to ask!)

If you were Rose Would you die for Renesmee?
ya if I were Rose i would die because renesme would be everything i ever wanted and she actually will grow and have a life

if you were Seth and you had to choose between Jacob and Edward's life who would you choose
me too!!
but Whats your question hun?


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