The Twilight Saga

The first person says something from one of the four books and the next person says which book it is from

person1:Bella jumps off a cliff
person2:New Moon
Bella learns to use her sheild
person3:Breaking Dawn
Carlisle helps heal Seth

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Bella met Tanya
Breaking Dawn!

First wolf sight
it was New Moon for the first wolf sighting.
Actually it was Breaking Dawn when Carlisle healed Seth after Bella broke his shoulder when she freaked at Jacob for imprinting on Renesmee. I think you accidentally thought it was JACOB being healed, but continue anyway.
Breaking Dawn

Bella accepts Marriage Proposal

The Third Wife!
Breaking Dawn!
Bella has her daughter
Of course, Breaking Dawn

Bella explains to Edward why she doesn't accept his proposal

Bella realises jacob is a werewolf
breaking dawn
it was in new moon bella was yelling at sam and paul turned in to a werewolf and bella went running and jacob came running outside of his house jumped over bella and turned into a werewolf and started to fight paul


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