The Twilight Saga

This game can be really hard or easy

the first person picks a word that has to do with twilight and scrables it
the second person unscrables it and picks a new word

The game is easier if you pick words that have to do with Twilight


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Isabella Marie Swan, I love you and want to marry you.

This is mine: eseenrme, os lfuuaebti...
alchemist's : I'll keep my eyes open for someone like that. . . .
Reply to::eseenrme, os lfuuaebti...
Renesmee,so beautiful...
Mine::“heT Oltviru,” ielca demona
Why isn't anyone responding??????

the voltri

This is so weird! I thought I knew all the games here, but somehow I missed this one. I don't remember seeing it before. Oh well...


So Angel...the last one you did (in the wrong place though) is...



The one you did in June is...

"The Volturi", Alice moaned.


Now mine...

siH yees rewe a tubyert, rubginn glod




Yes it is about Edward. It's what Bella thought when she saw him waiting for her in front of the arch at their wedding.


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