The Twilight Saga

okay...most people should already know the rules. you just answer the question and
ask another one.

would you rather be edward or jacob?

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who would u want to be ur big brother Emmett or Jasper?
Big bro Emmett -- makes me laugh and feel safe.

Would you rather live in rainy Forks or snowy Alaska?
forks w/ the Cullens

Would you rather be a vampire or werewolf
Have to eat the cow....too obsessed..

Would you rather go to prom or graduation party?
Graduation Party, no puffy dresses

Would you rather drink blood or or never read Midnight Sun.
drink blood, im as creepy as aro, but then again....

would u rather steal a car or jump off a cliff?
I would so steel a car ^,..,^

would you rather have Edward Cullen or Taylor Lautner?
steel a car
i would rather jump of a cliff. u know follow in bellas footsteps

would you rather bella have a boy are nessie
def jump of a cliff
jump off a cliff (hey if it's cliff diving i'm ok with that )

would you rather go to Voltura to be killed if u thought ur gf or br vamp died or live (ur a vamp)


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