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okay...most people should already know the rules. you just answer the question and
ask another one.

would you rather be edward or jacob?

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To kirmi up there
GASP you say such awful things i feel faint LOL

Id rather have bella as my mom

If you were bella and the volti were coming and there was no way to save renesmee would you rather have one of the cullens kill her or let the volti do it ?
That's just plain horrible, but i'd say the Volturi because Alec could make it so she wouldn't feel pain. But that will never happen and is just plain horrible.

Would you rather Bella be your sister or mom?

If you were Bella, when Edward asked you what is 1 thing you would trade for him to turn you into a vampire, would you have picked sex? or...?
Hard one! Jasper b/c he could calm the baby down when he/she cries! lol

Freeze in the tent or make a run for the house?
Run for the house unless i had edward to warm me he may be cold but he could still heat my body lol.

If one had to die who would you chose out of emmett and jasper. ?
Jasper.....I just like Emmet better, plus Rosalie would be extra witchy! :)

Forks or Alaska
Forks, because its quite and not much drama.

Edward or James??

Would you rather have Bella be your mother or be James food?
have bella as my mother
would you wanna die by a vampire or by loss of a battle in a war?
Die being killed by a vampire.

Would you rather be Jessica or Angela?
well idk., i am sorta like Angela so ill go with her

would u be died come back for your loved one or just say died?


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