The Twilight Saga

okay...most people should already know the rules. you just answer the question and
ask another one.

would you rather be edward or jacob?

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I would come back for my loved one, but not as a ghost or zombie, a vampire.

Would you rather kiss Mike or Eric?
hmm mike

would you rather lose a family meber or lose the love of our life?
why did you say "the love of our life?" That kinda awkward
she means edward (and the cullens)

would you rather be stuck intime with Edward or Emmett
because the love of you life means everything to you. hmm Emmett

would you rather be stuk with Jasper or Victoria
i rather be stuck with Jasper because ALice would be with him, because their mainly always together.

Would you rather marry James or Laurence??
oooo it's Laurent i think, but I'd have to say him. He's nicer!

Rather be Rosalie or Alice?
I would rather be alice i dont like rosalie

Would you rather kill jane or aro?
Edwards volvo

Would you rather, be able to see eclipse being filmed or breaking down being filmed. ?
Eclipse!! More action and it's my favorite book of the 4.

Would you rather spend a day in Edward's room or in the meadow?
hmmm taht is sorta hard but the meadow cuz it pretty!

would u rather marry Sam or James?


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