The Twilight Saga

okay...most people should already know the rules. you just answer the question and
ask another one.

would you rather be edward or jacob?

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I can't decide-as I'm team switzerland.


Would you rather be a vampire with a gift or a human?



Would you rather have Alice as a sister or Rosalie?

Emmett. :)


Would you rather have Carlisle for a father or Esme for a mother?

I rather have Esme as a mother :)


Would you rather be trapped in an airport full of people with Emmett or Seth?






Would you rather go on a date with Edward or Jake?



Would you rather be a vampire living in Arizona or a human in Volterra?

good vampire with the cullens!!!


would u rather almost die having a baby with edward or never have a chance of becomein a vampire??

Kiss Edward!!!!!

Would you rather go shopping with Esme or Alice?

Alice seems so much more fun to go shopping with!

Would you rather be a vampire that never sleeps like the Cullens or be the classic vampires and sleep during the day?


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