The Twilight Saga

Same rules as Would You Rather.

Would you rather provoke the volturi or kiss Jacob?

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I rather kiss Jacob =]
Rossalie because she wants one really bad.

WYR: have Jasper or Jacob as your baby's dad?
hmmm....I want it to be Edward but between Jasper and Jacob...hmmm...Jacob

wyr:live with mike or tyler?
WYR: be a vampire or a werewolf
werewolf cause i would be ♥jacobs♥ kind

WYR: date seth or sam?

kiss jake
i would date Seth

WYR: touch Rob's or Taylor's 6 pack??
His is real
so taylors robs are spray on
wyr be killed by the volturi or newborns
provoke the volturi lol
KISS JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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