The Twilight Saga

On a different Group someone else did it soo i did not come up with this!

Ok so here is an example!


Somebody  Why did Carsile turn edward into a vampire?



Sombody else answers he was thirsty!


And then the same person asks a dirrerent qustion. get it? I'll start! and P.s And all the questions have to be twilight!



Why does jacob imprint on Renesmee?

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Because she is confused on who she is

Why did Bella choose Edward?

Because edward payed her money to choose him


Why does jacob love bella so much?

because there is no one else to love

Why did Carlisle change Esme?

Becaus esme wouldnt stop begging him to change her.


Why does nessie grow up so fast ?

Because she wants to hurry up and leave home

Why did Edward change Bella?

because he wants bella to live and bella also wants to be a vampire.

why did rosalie wants bella to stay human?

So she can grow old and die alone


Why does jacob fall inlove with nessie?

Because Alice couldn't see what they were doing.


Why did Bella fall down a lot?

Because he thinks at least she looks somewhat like Bella


Why did Carlisle want to change Bella in the first place?

Because she was tipsy lol


Why does Esme care so much about everyone?

Because she has a deep dark secret!!!! And dosnt want anyone to know!!!! Hahaha lol!!!

Why dos Victoria want to kill Bella?

Victoria wants her truck, but Bella wouldn't let her have it.


Why does Charlie fish on the weekends?






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