The Twilight Saga

On a different Group someone else did it soo i did not come up with this!

Ok so here is an example!


Somebody  Why did Carsile turn edward into a vampire?



Sombody else answers he was thirsty!


And then the same person asks a dirrerent qustion. get it? I'll start! and P.s And all the questions have to be twilight!



Why does jacob imprint on Renesmee?

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Becaus he hates her

Why did edward kill victoria?
Did I do it right
Yes you did!
Okay :)
Because he loved her.
Because Emmett had a crush on mher and Edward got mad!

Why are the cullens vegatans?
Cuz they like vegetables lol.

Why does Nessie have brown eyes?
Beacuse they were red but jacob spilled brown dye in her eyes!

Why do vampires sparkle?
cuz they all bathe in sparkley water.

why does edward save bella from tylers van?
because he wanted to save the pleasure of running her over for himself :)

what are the Cullens doing when bella walks in (in the movie)?
Becaus he hated werewolfs

Why does jacob love bella?

because he wants to protect bella


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